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raw and violent

Das Debut-Album wurde aufgenommen im Resonanzkatastrophe Studio in Berlin im Mai 2019. Drums und Gitarren waren in jeweils zwei Tagen eingespielt, Bass und Gesang an je einem Tag. Heraus gekommen ist eine brettharte Heavy Metal Platte mit vielen Thrash Elementen in ursprünglichem Soundgewand…raw and violent!
Die Vinyl Version umfasst 11 Titel, CD- und Downloadversion beinhalten 14 Songs.

Children of the witch Riding the storm Behind the moon Death is just a word Spidora Mutant Killer Lice I wanna be a Spacewolf A lesson in hate Dripping Death Run with the pack Space stripper Voodoo Heartbeat Thrash Doctor of Blood Island Call of the Wild

Children of the witch

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke, Woelk


Messiah of metal
She’s a beauty, she’s a beast
bride of the devil
for those who don’t believe
Thrash hungry spawn
of the world’s most bestial fiend
moonlight madness
with the princess of the screams


In the shadow of evil
In the echo of sins
In the ice stare of moonlight
Our death dance begins
Living nightmare of the bizarre
As black as pitch
There’s a beast in all of us
‚cause we are … children of the witch


Death curse of terror eyes
Will satisfy your soul
Ritual of the damned
Magic bullet for us all
You’ll feel her in your heart
Do you see the candles burn?
Listen to your blood
You know there’s no return!

Riding the storm

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


Here comes wild fire
we’re burning the land
Like a falling hammer
we’re smashing the ground
A black roaring thunder
from out of the skies
Your death comes blasting
the whole of mankind dies
True as steel is our battle cry
True as blood we’re riding the sky
This day’ll last forever
deep in your soul
The iron bounds calling
we’re out of control


Straight out of the dark
the beast in our heart
Full metal anger is born
Electric madness
ripping out hearts
We’re coming
We’re riding the storm

Behind the moon

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


It’s been sleeping peacefully
on the dark side of the moon
Nightmarish answer to your fears
resting well in its cocoon
In the blink of an eye
the terror awaits
In the murky mists of space
no one can escape


Behind the moon
waits the death dealing attack
A beast beyond belief
you know there’s no turning back
Behind the moon
you’ll not dare to believe
The creature from the void
the prophet of doom


A thousand years of darkness explode across the skies
Destruction from the stratosphere
you’ll face Lucifer’s eyes
A bloody night of terror
menaces the world’s fate
Spewed from outer space – the unleashed
demon of hate


Untamed! Unchained!
Unleashed in space
It came to kill the human race
It walks the earth
It gorges on blood
Evil redeemer
Run amok

Death is just a word

Musik: Daschke Lyrics: Woelk


Through time and space we’ve traveled far
To the line where hell awaits and demons are
You’ll find what your degraded souls admire
Gateway to your darkest desires


You don’t need eyes to see, you don’t need lungs to breathe
Pure chaos awaits, a million fates, you cannot leave, no more deals
We follow at your heels
Death is just a word


Destructive forces keep you there
As spoiled brats, you do not care
Fear embarks, as you do see
We keep you here, you’re never freed


Like parasites we control your fate
Glorious pain, distressing state
You want off, it’s much too late
Suffer now, your decision is made


Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


When the sun has set the night wind dies
When the moon turns red, the demons rise
The body of a spider with an angels face
The mind of a monster, she’s the mistress of menace


Spidora join the blood feast
Spidora most beautiful beast
Spidora no one survives
Spidora eat us alive


A beauty from the shadow of doom
The daughter of darkness unchained by the moon
Demonic heartbeat, black blood in her veins
Condemned to kill, nothing remains


Spidora join the blood feast
Spidora most beautiful beast
Spidora no one survives
Spidora eat us alive


Temptress of terror
Set our minds free
We shall live in darkness
For all eternity

Mutant Killer Lice

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke, Woelk


Here is the vermin
come out at night
hungry for your blood
ready to bite
Hideous creatures
walking blind
out in space
since the dawn of time


You cannot cry
You cannot hide
They come from outer space
Gonna realize
Mutant killer lice
Killing the human race


They bring annihilation
right into your brain
eating out and sucking in
Sheer incarnated rage
Unleashed aggression
All galaxies will suffer
It’s demonic possession

I wanna be a Spacewolf

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


From a world below I come to terrorize
No room to run and no place to hide
Avenger of the damned and ready to fight
I creep and I crawl without warning I strike


I stake my life on the unknown
A thrill crazed space outlaw
Crushing all enemies and bite their heads off
The final executor I am the space wolf


From the pollution of our nuclear waste
Came the killer no one can destroy
Finally nature unleashed its revenge
A planet gone mad I’m mankinds killjoy


Bullets can’t kill me
Flames can’t burn me
Nothing can stop me
I am indestructible

A lesson in hate

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Woelk


You put us under pressure, thinking that’s hella clever
All you gotta get is wrath, we’ll take you along this path
You know what that means, taking all we need
Violence and mayhem, is nothing to condemn


The bridges we are burning, we’re out for the killing
Hate is growing! Oh we feel it coming –


Disciple for anger and hatred
You are rotten and faded
Doing the best we can – giving you a
Lesson in hate
Lesson in hate


Bloodshed will rise, all of you take flight
Blessed with a special mercy, cold times in controversy
No reason for your whining, our hate is defining
We can pull the trigger, we can deliver

The bridges we are burning, we’re out for the killing
Hate is growing, Oh we feel it coming

Dripping Death

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Woelk


Risen up from the deep dark sea
Deeply stained it laughs with glee
The harbinger of fallen souls
It marches up to take control


Kneel before the king of dread
All that it ever dreamt is dead
Here it comes from the depths of hell
To torture the minds of those who dwell


Better be quiet, do not cry
Accept your fate before you die


From blackest sea, it’s filled with wrath
A limitless being, the dripping death
See, the end is coming near
The whole of you is drenched in fear


Let the madness take control
You shall be bound inside his soul
Crawling and twitching with pain in your eyes
Now dance forever until earth dies

Run with the pack

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


The daylight is gone
we’re all lost in space
Nothing is left
but the fire in my eyes
Voices are calling
from beyond the sky
Follow the sign
burn all the lies


We’re going nowhere
no looking back
Through the darkness
run with the pack


Our world is done
our time has come
Set your soul free
come follow me

Space stripper

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Woelk, Daschke


You are welcome to our show
It’s all or nothing – and you might know
It’s gonna be wild – we’re space strippers
It’s gonna be hot in shiny glass slippers
Floating through the universe
Briefs in snake skin purse
Shut your mouth – we’re space strippers
With unzipped, with unzipped zippers


Space stripper, pants ripper – I lost my briefs in outer space
Space stripper, pants ripper – while singing songs of grace
Space stripper, pants ripper – it was white one and out of place
Space stripper, pants ripper – saw it hovering at base


Shiny silk – I will not lie
The lace is an appeal to the eye
Lost it while dancing with a pie
I could not eat it it was so dry


Space stripper ….


I do not miss it though
I do feel free and like the blow
The winds that I loose are coming slow
I like it much it makes me flow

Voodoo Heartbeat

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


Beyond the doors of darkness
Lies the world of the midnight sun
Get closer to the violence
Of a hellish demon spawn
Phantoms call your name at midnight
They’re coming to take your breath
Into the darkness, to live forever
It’s time for you to leave


Feed your heart
Feed your soul
Midnight madness takes control
The gates of hell are open wide
Voodoo heartbeat
Sets the sky alight


The undead demons of hell
Raise to the blackened skies
In an orgy of pain
They came to terrorize
Whispering the winds of fear
Black shadows across the land
Judgment day is getting near
No tomorrow, our last stand

Thrash Doctor of Blood Island

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke


Blood on his hands
doom in his eyes
A night to remember
until the day you die
Terror that rips screams
out of your throat
Join our madness
A total freak out!


Sacrifice your mind
face the edge of the blade
Feed your savage heart
because you have a date
with…Thrash Doctor of Blood Island
Thrash Doctor of Blood Island


Thrash magic explodes
into the pit
Destruction on the loose
a total attack
The music commands
our bones do obey
Our souls are on fire
It takes your breath away!

Call of the Wild

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Daschke, Woelk


Explode out of the dark, slam into the light
Violence unchained, the breed of the night
Howling hellcats and metal mutants
Animals gone mad, we are the wild ones!


Hard, mean, fast as a shot
Live for the kick! Our blood runs hot!
Bizarre, weird and wild, with no tomorrow
Close your eyes for a second, dance forever more


Tough as leather! Harder than steel!
Dance with the devil, you know what we feel!
Raw and violent, raised in sin
It’s the call of the Wild, let the terror begin!


The jungle of steel, the jungle of flesh
Anything can happen when all start to thrash
The terror is sudden, there’s no time to hide
Dance with the demons, join the wild side!


Hard, mean, fast as a shot
Live for the kick! Our blood runs hot!
Bizarre, weird and wild, with no tomorrow
Close your eyes for a second, dance forever more

While demons join you with their dance
we ought to give you this vast chance
Thrash this wasteland, full of awe
feel it now – this is new law