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Space stripper

Veröffentlicht am 11.10.2019

SPACE STRIPPER – digitale Single (Download)

Digitale Veröffentlichung der ersten Single Auskopplung „Space Stripper“ aus dem Album „RAW AND VIOLENT“


Space stripper

Space stripper

Music: Daschke Lyrics: Woelk, Daschke


You are welcome to our show
It’s all or nothing – and you might know
It’s gonna be wild – we’re space strippers
It’s gonna be hot in shiny glass slippers
Floating through the universe
Briefs in snake skin purse
Shut your mouth – we’re space strippers
With unzipped, with unzipped zippers


Space stripper, pants ripper – I lost my briefs in outer space
Space stripper, pants ripper – while singing songs of grace
Space stripper, pants ripper – it was white one and out of place
Space stripper, pants ripper – saw it hovering at base


Shiny silk – I will not lie
The lace is an appeal to the eye
Lost it while dancing with a pie
I could not eat it it was so dry


Space stripper ….


I do not miss it though
I do feel free and like the blow
The winds that I loose are coming slow
I like it much it makes me flow